Collaborate and Coordinate


  • Planning to establish a Crime Prevention Advisory Circle which will broaden the view of crime prevention to be linked with the social determinants of health.
  • Developing a “Discovering Opportunities” program for junior high (grade 9), building on the success of Options and Opportunities (O2).
  • Expanding SchoolsPlus to more schools.
  • Planning to consult with stakeholders to inform the development and release of a Provincial Housing Strategy
  • Enhancements to Careers Nova Scotia, a single portal for job seekers in Nova Scotia, including the ability to view all online job postings in one place
  • Labour Market Support System (LaMPSS) individual case management allows career resource centres and Government to better coordinate services to jobs seekers
  • Evaluation of Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning being undertaken


  • Invested $1M to support communities to work in partnership to address local issues like homelessness.
  • Developed a resource guide for low-income Nova Scotians for easier access to programs and services
  • Participated in the Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training (CAMET) Literacy Awareness Campaign.


  • Invested $250,000 to help develop public transit services in rural and under-serviced areas
  • Provided funding to the Nova Scotia Food Security Network to research the cost of a basic, nutritious diet
  • Participating in the federal-provincial/territorial advisory committees on poverty reduction, disabilities, and children at risk.
  • Participated and invested in a provincial conference.


  • Ministerial Committee for Poverty Reduction established.
  • Established position of Poverty Reduction Coordinator.
  • Launched Target100, a program that connects Community Services’ clients with jobs, in partnership with the Co-op Council of NS.