Questions and Answers

Q: Why do we need to change?

A: We know how important our programs are to the people they serve. We want to make sure that we are investing in the supports that get the best outcomes for the people we serve. We need to deliver programs and services that are the most effective in helping vulnerable Nova Scotians, and that support them in reaching their full potential. We know that we also need to make navigating our system easier, so that Nova Scotians can easily find the help they need.

Ultimately, we need to achieve better results for Nova Scotians, streamlined and integrated services, administrative simplicity, and sustainability.

Q: What kind of changes to programs and services can we expect?

A:What we want is to provide services and programs that move Nova Scotians toward:

  • improved quality of life, health and resilience
  • increased social and community inclusion
  • increased skills for enhancing self-sufficiency
  • increased ability to join the labour market

The fundamental principles of the new system will include:

  • sustainable and consistent service
  • administrative simplicity
  • streamlined and integrated service offerings
  • transparency and empowerment

Q: When will this change happen?

A: The bulk of the work will be done in the next three years.  We expect most of the work to be done in that time but we may have more work to do after those three years are up.