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COVID-19: community celebration of graduates

Public Health directives for outdoor community celebrations of graduates.

Community celebrations

Outdoor community celebrations of graduates in June 2020 are exempt from gathering limit as long as they meet all the following conditions:

  • event must be led by a recognized business, municipality or community organization (like a club, association, society, volunteer group or faith-based group) to ensure accountability for implementing protocols
  • service organizations need to inform and get support from the local municipality and police, fire department and Emergency Health Services (EHS) before the event takes place
  • graduates must arrive in a vehicle with only their immediate family, including parents, step-parents, grand and step-grandparents, siblings and step-siblings, aunts and uncles
  • vehicles must park at least 2 metres (6 feet) apart
  • attendees must stay in their vehicle during the event, except to go to the washroom
  • graduates must stay in their vehicles during the event, except to go to the washroom or do things like cross a stage or take part in a parade of graduates as long as physical distance (2 metres or 6 feet) is maintained between all graduates while they’re out of their vehicle
  • celebrations can include having graduates dance directly beside their vehicle with an individual from their own vehicle
  • attendees and graduates can only have close contact (within 2 metres or 6 feet) with people from their household
  • any observers can only have close contact (within 2 metres or 6 feet) with people from their household
  • event and security staff must maintain a physical distance of 2 metres or 6 feet from others unless there is an emergency
  • if washroom facilities are provided, there must be procedures to manage line ups that maintain physical distance (2 metres or 6 feet) and allow people to wash and sanitize their hands immediately before and after using the washroom
  • there's no food or beverage service at the event
  • communication about the event must provide the following messages:
    • people who are feeling unwell should not attend
    • people who may be at high risk of severe illness should consider not attending
    • attendees should bring hand sanitizer
    • attendees should consider bringing a non-medical mask to wear if they have to get out of their vehicle
    • attendees should familiarize themselves with how to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including proper cough and sneeze etiquette

School-based events

All public high schools in Nova Scotia have plans in place to ensure graduating students will receive their diplomas through a school-based event. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has developed guidelines to ensure school-based events follow public health safety measures and minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread (PDF 160 kB). School-based events are separate from any celebrations that might be held in the community.