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Office of the Superintendent of Insurance

The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance regulates the business of insurance in the province and enforces the Insurance Act. We license all insurers operating in the province and all insurance agents/brokers, agencies, and adjusters.

The Superintendent's Office is frequently sought out by the insured who often find it difficult to understand positions taken by the industry respecting such things as claims, premium ratings and underwriting decisions. Insurers and brokers call upon the office for interpretation of the Insurance Act and regulations.

The Superintendent has the authority to take disciplinary actions if the Act is not followed.

The Superintendent's Office facilitates the interface between consumers and the insurance industry by working toward a responsive legislative framework for insurance companies and agents and by assisting insurance consumers in dealing with insurance matters.

The Superintendent's Office welcomes enquiries on insurance matters from consumers. We will respond to your information request and direct you to industry resources as appropriate.

If you have a complaint regarding the actions of an insurance company agent, broker or adjuster, we recommend that such disputes first be addressed to the relevant company Ombudsman.  If you do not receive an appropriate and acceptable response, contact the Superintendent’s Office. To help us review your complaint, complete the Enquiry and Complaint Form (pdf).  Mail the form and relevant documents to our Office at the following address:

Nova Scotia Department of Finance and Treasury Board
Financial Institutions Division
Office of the Superintendent of Insurance
PO Box 2271
Halifax, NS B3J 3C8

Please be aware that the Office is not responsible to settle insurance claims and has no authority to direct a particular action to be taken in settlement of a claim.


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