Labour Board - Bringing Matters Before the Board

The Labour Board provides individuals and businesses with a single point of access to employment justice. It has the authority to hear and decide matters under various pieces of legislation that fall under four distinct areas of workplace regulation namely: labour relations, labour standards, occupational health and safety, and public interest disclosure of wrongdoing.

Matters brought to the Board can be resolved through the adjudication process which typically involves a 3-person panel (or in some cases a 1-person panel) considering the issues of all sides and making a decision.

Dispute Resolution
The Board also provides alternative dispute resolution services, such as mediation. This involves the Chair, a vice-chair, members, or staff acting as an independent third party assisting the parties with resolving their dispute as an alternative to the adjudication process. The parties, not the Board, decide the terms of the agreement.

The Process
The chart below provides general process information specific to the main areas of the Board's work and includes links to the forms used to bring matters to the Board.

Areas Description Forms
Labour Relations The Board receives various applications and complaints of labour relations matters made pursuant to the Trade Union Act, Civil Service Collective Bargaining Act, Highway Workers Collective Bargaining Act, Teachers' Collective Bargaining Act, Essential Home-support Services (2014) Act and Essential Health and Community Services Act. various forms
Labour Standards The Board hears appeals of decisions and orders issued under the Labour Standards Code. The Code sets out standard employment rights and entitlements such as holiday and vacation pay, various leaves, termination and protection of pay requirements, etc. Appeal Form
Occupational Health and Safety The Board hears appeals of decisions or orders issued under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Board also hears appeals of administrative penalties issued under the Occupational Health and Safety Administrative Penalties Regulations.

Notice of Appeal

Public interest disclosure of wrongdoing The Board hears complaints of reprisal made under the Public Interest Disclosure of Wrong Doing Act.