Low Carbon Communities and Connect2 program

Support is available for transportation, buildings, electricity and other projects that have the potential to reduce emissions. Funding can be used for community planning, feasibility studies, learning by doing, public engagement sessions, program promotion and demonstration projects.

2020-2021 Project submission process

Step 1:
Read and review the updated program description for eligibility requirements and guidelines to determine if your project fits under LCC or C2. Contact us if you have any ideas you want to discuss.
Step 2:
Express your interest by submitting a brief overview (Expression of interest (EOI)) of your project idea. You will receive a confirmation that we have received your submission within two business days. The Program Coordinator may contact you for clarification before confirming the project’s eligibility.
Step 3:
Receive an application upon the approval of your project idea/expression of interest. Please reach out if you have questions when filling out your application. The applicant is responsible for completing the application in full. We will confirm the receipt of your submission via email.
Step 4:
Submitting your application package. In addition to the application form you will also need to include the following documentation: 
  • confirmation of matching funds (required)
  • proof of permits and/or support from other provincial departments if project involves design/infrastructure/construction (required)
  • letters of support from community or partners
  • visual materials (i.e. map of location)
  • any additional relevant information

Projects are eligible for funding up to 75% of their total project costs and are due to be completed by September 30th, 2021.

NOTE: Applicants are expected to ensure all forms are completed and that supporting documents are provided at the time of submission.

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Low Carbon Communities – Project Categories

Advanced Buildings

Projects under this category may include:

  • Energy audits and design plans for community buildings (non-electric)
  • Deep energy retrofits and/or innovative heating systems
  • Benchmarking, modeling, data analysis that informs energy efficiency measures
  • Advanced building design and plans

Low Carbon Communities will provide grants of up to $75,000 per project in this category.

Clean Electricity & Energy Transformation

Projects under this category may include:

  • Plans and feasibility studies for: smart grids & storage, district energy, and/or solar & solar gardens.
  • New energy financing mechanisms
  • Community or neighbourhood energy planning
  • Project strategies and implementation plans

Low Carbon Communities will provide grants of up to $75,000 per project in this category.

Connect2 – Project Categories

Active Transportation Infrastructure & Design

Projects under this category may include:

  • Tactical urbanism that test approaches to design and infrastructure with temporary installation of bike lanes, public space and active transportation routes
  • Support for minimum bike grid infrastructure or design
  • Minimum bike grid network plans
  • Engineering or feasibility studies
Connect2 will provide grants of up to $100,000 per project in this category.

Clean Fleets and Shared Mobility

Projects under this category may include: 

  • Shared mobility services pilot projects
  • Bicycle fleet pilot projects
  • Zero-emission fleet pilot projects (max. $15,000/vehicle within grant request)
  • Zero Emission Vehicle strategies
Connect2 will provide grants of up to $75,000 per project in this category. 

Low Carbon Communities & Connect2 Program – Shared Project Category:

Capacity Building and Community Engagement

Projects under this category may include:

  • Municipal staff training, capacity building, or networks
  • Education – energy literacy initiatives
  • Marketing and communication – social marketing and support for existing low-carbon programs
  • Public engagement activities
  • Community energy conservation challenges and other education and awareness campaigns

Community Building and Engagement will provide grants of up to $50,000 per project in this category.

Low Carbon Communities:


Catherine Chase at 902-424-4073,

Gabrielle Riley Gallagher at 902-424-8090,
Salima Medouar at 902-717-7026 or 

Contact Information

Department of Energy and Mines
Joseph Howe Building 12th Floor
1690 Hollis Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3J9

Phone: 902-424-8090 or 902-717-7026 (Connect2)
Email: connect2@novascotia.ca

Phone: 902-424-4073 (Low Carbon Communities)
Email: lowcarboncommunities@novascotia.ca

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