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Forest Stewardship Principles

Exercise 1:


 24 acres

18 acres x 21 cords per acre = 378 cords
6 acres x 20 cords per acres = 120 cords
Total =   498 cords

Natural seedling from seed trees.


 Sprouts and seedling.


To protect the hawk nest from disturbance

6.  Yes, although stand 2 is also mature and harvesting may further help meet objectives.

Exercise 3:

Stand 3: Clearcut, reassess for natural regeneration in 2 years. Likely will require planting.

Stand 4: Several options are possible for this stand: seed tree cut leaving white pine seed trees; clearcut with natural regeneration; shelterwood harvest.

Stand 5: Several options are possible for this stand: clearcut with natural regeneration; seed tree cut with white pine seed trees; shelterwood harvest

Exercise 5:

  1. 3 water tanks, 8 shovels, 4 pails, 4 axes, 2 grub hoes

  2. Any three of the following: helmet set, protective trousers, first aid kit, pressure bandage, protective boots, gloves (not mandatory).

  3. A safety policy and representative

  4. Self employed people are covered under the act and can be charged when in violation.

  5. You are responsible for the safety of all people on the job site. Signs posted at the job site are a good way to prevent visitors without safety equipment.

Exercise 6:

If you answered yes to all the questions, congratulations you are a credit to the industry, we need more like you. If you answered yes to 7 or more questions, very good, you are very aware of public concerns. If you answered yea to 5 or 6 questions, not bad but need improvement. If you answered yes to less than 5 questions, you need to become more aware and think about public concerns.

Exercise 7:

There are many ways to change the operations plan to help meet Mr. Ready's objectives. One possible option: Using the road plan that crosses Trout Brook will provide access to the brook for building the camp. Shelterwood harvest stands 4 and 5 avoids clearcutting and provides income over a period of years and reduces capital gains for 1 year. There is little option but to clearcut stand 3, however depending on the condition of the stand it may be possible to patch or strip clearcut, thereby reducing the size of any one cut.

Exercise 8:

Question 4. Considerations not included that may need to be, depending on circumstances are: significant  habitat (deer wintering area, raptor nests, heron colony), other users of the woodlot, ground disturbance (soft or wet ground, rocky or sensitive soils).