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Module 1: Introduction to Silviculture


‘Introduction to Silviculture’ explains the importance of forestry and it reviews the basic characteristics of trees, stand growth and development essential to understanding forest management activities. Where possible, technical forestry terms have been avoided, although in some cases their use is necessary for clarity. All terms in italics can be found in the glossary at the end of the module.

‘Introduction to Silviculture’ is part of the Woodlot Management Home Study Course Series. This series is designed to help woodlot owners understand and practice integrated resource management. The Home Study Course offers flexible, accessible learning and provides owners with a lasting reference. This series is intended to help you understand the concepts of good forest management as they apply to your woodlot. Because forest management is such a broad topic, this series is divided into several study modules.

‘Introduction to Silviculture’ was originally produced as a co-operative effort between the Canadian Forestry Service and the Department of Lands and Forests in 1987 and has been updated in 1994 and 2005. Tree identification illustrations have been used with the permission of InterFor, New Brunswick. The original text was written by LaHave Forestry Consultants Ltd. with editorial help from Lands and Forest and Canadian Forestry Service staff.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy and benefit from the material presented.

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