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Module 10A: Managing Woodlot Finances: Planning and Investment Guide


Lesson 1 - Introduction

  • Should I purchase a woodlot 
Lesson 2 - Woodland as an Investment
  • Why invest in a woodlot? 
  • Finding a woodlot to purchase, property, value ,title,deed, certificate of title and Right-of-way Agreements 
Lesson 3 - Protecting Your Asset
  • Resource Protection - fire, activities, fire ponds & breaks, insurance, insects & disease, diversity, harvesting, promotion of beneficial insects & birds, insecticides & fungicides, record keeping, integrated pest management, vandals & poaches, limiting access , wind 
  • Woodlot Owner Liability Protection 

Lesson 4 - How can I Improve my Woodland

  • Boundary Lines - renewal and survey 
  • Roads -
    Proper Harvesting - markets; utilization; wildlife guidlines; proper equipment
    Silviculture Investments - does it pay,grants and incentives
    Other Products - mineral ; aggregate deposits; recreation wildlife resources potential; christmas tree production; maple syrup; mushrooms; ginseng ; service berry; blueberry; cranberry
    Certification - background, what does this mean to me as a woodlot owner
Lesson 5 - Developing a Business Plan
  • Business Plan- woodlot management plan; goals; descriptions, recommendations, map; finanacial plan; market assessment; strengths/weakness- woodlot owners & woodlot; financial objectives; strategic plan; operating plans & budget 

    Record Keeping- general & financial records, balance sheet


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