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Natural Resources and Renewables


Module 8: Wood Utilization and Technology


Lesson 1 - The Structure of Wood

  • Classification of woods, How wood is formed, Cell structure, Grain and texture, Variations and abnormal wood, Heartwood and sapwood, Wood identification
Lesson 2 - The Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood
  • Physical properties, Moisture content, Other properties affecting strength, Agents causing wood decay, Effect of silviculture on wood properties, Wood properties for selected products, Selected strength values

Lesson 3 - Roundwood Products from your Woodlot
  • Recognizing products in the standing tree, Silviculture considerations, Products, Guide to making better logs and bolts, More information on roundwood specifications, Measuring roundwood volume

Lesson 4 - Converting Roundwood into Primary Products

  • The sawmill, Products of the sawmill, Sawing patterns, Lumber drying, Glued wood products, Wood residues

Lesson 5 - Grading and Marketing Wood Products
  • Marketing wood products, Grading wood products, Environmental considerations, The future of wood