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Module 12: Small Scale Harvesting Equipment - What's Right For You?

This Home Study Module is for woodlot owners who want to harvest wood from their land themselves. You may be doing this already but are ready for more up-to-date equipment or more efficient attachments. Or you may be a new landowner who has no equipment or experience. In either case, this module will help you decide what equipment is right for you.

The module deals with small scale equipment suitable for harvesting wood for your own use and perhaps some to sell. It may also be useful if you plan to cut larger amounts and have lots of time but do not want to invest in large scale equipment.

The seven lessons provide basic information on different types of equipment and attachments, and skidding and forwarding systems. The goal is to help you make a decision rather than provide complete technical details. After reading the module and doing the exercises, you will have a good idea of what systems will work well for you and your woodlot. You will also know how to work with your small equipment and where to go for more information.


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