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Module 4: Woodlots and Wildlife


Small woodlots make up almost 50 per cent of Nova Scotia’s forests. Decisions by woodlot owners have a huge influence on wildlife in this province.

In this revised Module, called Woodlots and Wildlife, students reading the five- lesson course are joined in an imaginary classroom with fictional instructor Carl, a regional wildlife biologist with Natural Resources, and fictional students Dan and Joan Barr.

Dan owns a 95- hectare woodlot on the sloping face of the Cobequid Hills in Colchester County. Dan is a retired heavy equipment mechanic. Joan was a teacher, but became an at-home mom when Michael was born 28 years ago and never returned to the classroom. Dan grows and cuts a few Christmas trees that he sells off his front lawn and to the Cooperative in Truro. Dan’s woodlot is an heirloom - his great grandfather once homesteaded and had a farm here. The farm buildings are gone now, except for large rocks that outline the foundation. Dan now has a camp here. Besides having an interest in wildlife, Dan and Joan have an added interest in the course since they know Carl, the instructor.

Carl once owned a big English setter dog and used to hunt for woodcock in the big alder stands on Dan’s woodlot. The Barrs have known Carl for several years and often talk about wildlife.

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