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Natural Resources and Renewables


Module 4: Woodlots and Wildlife


1. White Birch is a shade intolerant species?

a) True
b) False

2. Benefits of Special Management Zones are?

a) Provides wildlife habitat
b) Buffers excessive runoff into streams
c) Provides in stream benefits such as logs and nutrients
d) A cool place to have a picnic

3. Openings in the canopy of 6 metres are likely to benefit sugar maple?

a) True
b) False

4. An air photo that has 10 cm = 1 km the scale is?

a) 1:50,000
b) 1:20,000
c) 1:10,000
d) 1:5,000

5. A woodlot with gypsum cliffs and sinkholes (kaarst topography) has the potential for

a) Bat Hibernacula
b) Calcareous plants such as yellow lady slipper
c) Snake Hibernacula
d) Difficulty to operate machinery

6. Woodlot owners are fortunate people.

a) True
b) False