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Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention (P2)

Pollution prevention (P2) is about reducing, eliminating, or preventing pollution at its source before it is created. Pollution prevention means rethinking the way we do things and making simple changes to correct the wasteful habits we all have.

Importance of Pollution Prevention

Pollution affects everyone in Nova Scotia by contaminating our air, land and water. It can affect our health and the health of our ecosystems.

Pollution prevention benefits the environment, can improve health and safety and can result in cost savings. Pollution prevention measures can reduce raw material, waste disposal and clean-up costs.

What you can do

Our choices, at home, at work and in all aspects of our lives can affect how much waste and pollution we create.
Pollution Prevention includes:

  • water conservation and efficiency
  • hazardous and toxic chemical reduction
  • efficient use of resources and waste reduction
  • energy conservation and efficiency
  • choose environmentally responsible products and services

Learn more about pollution prevention and what you can do: pollution prevention (Government of Canada)

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