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Protected Areas

About Protected Areas

From roaring surf crashing on rocky shores to solitary footsteps in a remote old-growth forest, the sights, sounds and smells of Nova Scotia's natural treasures impress the heart and the soul.

Photo by Oliver MaassThe provincial protected areas program, administered by the Protected Areas Branch of Nova Scotia Environment and Labour, plays an integral role in protecting the natural heritage of Nova Scotia.

Branch activities and programs support the establishment and management of a comprehensive protected areas system. The system includes representative examples of the province's natural landscapes, sites and features of outstanding natural value, and outstanding locations for enjoying a variety of wilderness recreation activities.

Plymouth GentianProtected Areas Branch is responsible for planning and managing Nova Scotia's Wilderness Areas, Nature Reserves and Heritage Rivers, and for encouraging and supporting private land conservation. Recognizing the challenge and importance of protecting biodiversity across Nova Scotia, an ecological framework is used for protected area planning and management.

Built on a foundation of cooperation and public involvement, the Protected Areas program is carried out in partnership with Nova Scotia Natural Resources, and through agreements with community groups and other organizations.

What is a protected area and why are protected areas important?