Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive

The Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive provides funding for employers and industry associations for training full-time employees to improve productivity and innovation within the organization.

The Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI) is intended to support new and incremental activity to help businesses compete outside Nova Scotia. Training should help your business move in a new direction or expand your core operations, and promote growth and profitability.

The incentive isn’t for training to increase competitiveness with other Nova Scotia businesses. It also can’t support training that could be supported by. the Workplace Education Initiative, which supports essential business skills like leadership, sales, marketing and social media.

Please consider the following questions when submitting your WIPSI application:

Identification of need for training.

  1. Please identify a clear business goal that the training supports.
  2. Please identify the tasks the business/workers need to perform so your company can reach that goal.
  3. Please detail the training activities that will help participants learn to perform the tasks.

Learning objectives are clearly identified.

  • Please provide a list of workplace tasks the program participants must be able to do after the training is completed.
  • Please show clear alignment of the program content with the learning objectives.

All WIPSI applications must be received and deemed complete prior to the start date of the training. Once a completed application has been received you may begin training, with the understanding you may or may not be approved. The timeline for assessments, and when a decision is provided, is typically 15-30 business days from when a completed application is received.


You can apply as an individual business, or as an organization or association on behalf of a group of businesses.

A business is eligible to apply if it:

  • is located in Nova Scotia)
  • is registered and active in the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies or incorporated by an Act of the Nova Scotia Legislature)
  • has been operating for at least 1 full calendar year)
  • generating at least 30% of revenue from commercial activity (any business activity occupied with commerce or trade with an expectation of profit)

Types of training that are eligible for funding include:

  • information technology training
  • technical training
  • workflow systems and processes training
  • other training that will benefit your business or organization and that isn’t typically eligible for funding through other government programs

Types of training that are not eligible for funding include:

  • legislated or regulated mandatory training
  • training outside Nova Scotia, when similar training is offered in Nova Scotia
  • training that could be supported under another government program
  • training that has already been supported by WIPSI
  • orientation training or onboarding
  • informal training and training by internal staff or trainers
  • training included with the purchase of equipment or new business processes
  • apprenticeship training
  • fees related to attending or hosting a conference
  • professional development that’s considered necessary for an employee to work in their current position (like professional qualifications or credentials)
  • consulting or coaching services about business operations, including assessments to determine the need for training.

Funding amounts

The Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive primarily provides funding for direct training costs. It may also cover other expenses like travel (up to 50%) and accommodation costs for persons with disabilities (up to 100%).

Funding agreements should not exceed 12 months.

Businesses with 50 or fewer employees:

The minimum application amount is $5,000 in direct training costs. You can apply for up to $100,000 in a fiscal year. The first $10,000 of eligible direct training costs can be funded up to 100% per fiscal year. Eligible costs over $10,000 can be funded up to 50%.

Businesses with 50 or more employees:

The minimum application amount is $10,000 in direct training costs. You can apply for up to $100,000 in a fiscal year. The program will fund up to 50% of eligible direct training costs.

Organizations, business associations and private sector unions:

The minimum application amount is $10,000 in direct training costs. Funding may be available for administration costs as determined on a case-by-case basis.

How to Apply

If you already have a LaMPSS account you can apply directly to the WIPSI program here

Start now

Read the WIPSI Program LaMPSS Application Instructions for details on how to apply.

You need to apply through the Labour Market Programs Support System (LaMPSS). To register for a LaMPSS account, use the LaMPSS External Access (Registration) Form and the Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit) Form.


Vanessa Margueratt
Manager, Workplace Education and Training.
Phone: 902-221-0442

Chris Weir
WIPSI Program Coordinator
Phone: 902-719-5096

Andre Corkum
WIPSI Program Officer
Phone: 902-456-7614

WIPSI Program
Maritime Centre
1505 Barrington Street., 4N
P.O. Box 697
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