Workplace Education

Workplace Education

Industries and businesses in all sectors; resource, service, manufacturing and information technology can tell you the future is now. The needs are changing as we operate and compete in a global, technically-advanced economy. We know what skills workers need and the skills that are in demand. Workplace education is here to help your employees gain the skills they need to innovate and compete.

Government is partnering with employers and industry to ensure Nova Scotia has the skills we need to succeed in the workplace. It is an investment in you, your business and the provincial economy. The funding for this program is provided through the Canada - Nova Scotia Job Fund.

About workplace education

The Workplace Education Initiative promotes learning at work and supports the development of your workers by increasing workplace skills.

Workplace Education Coordinators are available to help you assess the learning needs of your business, recommend education programs for your workers, help you apply for funding that is available to cover the cost of an instructor, and provide support while your program is taking place.

Workplace Education benefits the employer, the worker, the union and Nova Scotia by:

  • Supporting the development of a skilled and adaptable workforce
  • Helping the workplace meet new challenges
  • Improving employee confidence and morale
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving communication and teamwork
  • Reducing staff turnover
  • Building stronger management and labour relationships
  • Increasing the ability to embrace and manage workplace change
  • Improving workplace health and safety
  • Creating a culture of learning

Workplace Education programs are partnerships between employers, employees and government based on:

  • Building workplace expertise
  • Promoting understanding
  • Best practice
  • Cost effectiveness for the workplace

Workplace Education programs are guided by the principles of:

  • Assessment
  • Partnership
  • Evaluation
  • Recognition

Funding provided through the Canada -Nova Scotia Workforce Development Agreement