Workplace Education

Workplace Education

Industries and businesses in all sectors including resource, service, manufacturing, and information technology can tell you the future is now. The needs are changing as we operate and compete in a global, technically advanced economy. We know that businesses and organizations need the skills that are in demand. Workplace education is here to help you gain the skills needed to innovate and compete.

The Workplace Education Initiative (WEI) (PDF) promotes and supports business skills development by increasing knowledge and enhancing critical workplace skills.

Regional Workplace Education and Training Coordinators will help assess the learning needs of individual businesses or groups of businesses, and will recommend education programs to fill those training needs.  The Coordinator will also assist with the application for funding, which covers the cost of instruction, and provide support while a program is taking place.

Workplace education benefits businesses and organizations by:

  • Helping meet new challenges
  • Improving overall business processes
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving communication and teamwork
  • Increasing the ability to embrace and manage workplace change
  • Creating a culture of learning

Workplace education tailors training to meet your industry needs by:

  • Conducting thorough training needs assessments
  • Recommending training programs to support needs
  • Working with you to develop and deliver customized training programs

WEI programs offered online and in person:

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Workplace education programs are available to all working Nova Scotians. Contact a Regional Workplace Education and Training Coordinator in your region to discuss in more detail.
Funding provided through the Canada -Nova Scotia Workforce Development Agreement