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New Vehicle Licence Plates


The province has redesigned vehicle licence plates issued to cars, vans, trucks and trailers. The new design will be more modern and will provide improved visibility. The changes include the removal of the painted border around the outside of the plate and sticker well, removal of the left sticker well, single font for all plate types, and standard bolt holes.

New Plate

New NS Plate

Old Plate

Old NS plate

Questions and Answers

What plates are being redesigned?

Plates issued to cars, trucks, vans and trailers (all 6" x 12" licence plates). Plates issued to motorcycles and off highway vehicles are not part of the redesign.

Why are these plates being redesigned?

The plates are being redesigned for modernization and visibility improvements.

What are the changes?

  • Removal of the painted border around the plate and sticker well.
  • Removal of the validation sticker well on the upper left-hand corner of the plate.
  • Standard single font for improved visibility.
  • Bolt holes that meet current North American vehicle standards.
  • Dots appearing between numbers on some plate types (i.e. commercial plates) have been replaced with dashes.
  • "SAR" lettering on Ground Search & Rescue plates are now raised instead of flat.

Is there any cost associated with these changes?

No, all current plate stock will be used.  The changes will make it easier to manufacturer plates.

Why is the sticker well being removed from the left side?

Not having an expired sticker and valid sticker on a plate will make it easier for enforcement to identify whether or not the plate is valid.

Is my sticker issued for the left side prior to November 1, 2011 still valid?

Yes, these stickers may remain on the left side of the plate.  Instructions will be provided to place future stickers on the right side of the plate. 

When will the redesigned plates be available?

Some of the new plates should be in circulation commencing in November 2011 (as existing plate stock is depleted).

Is my old style plate still valid?

Yes, previously issued plates do not need to be replaced with a new plate.

Is there an option to replace my old style plate for a new plate?

Yes, any plate may be replaced upon application and payment of the standard plate replacement fee.

If I have additional questions who should I contact?

You may contact us by Online Public Enquiries, 902-424-5851 or 1-800-898-7668.