100 Management Guide - Forms

Listed below are guidelines and templates of the various forms required when preparing a Submission to the Executive Council as outlined in Chapter 3: Submissions to the Executive Council. 

The PDF guidelines provide the user with a detailed explanation of what is required for each section and provides examples on how to fill out each form. 

The WORD link provides the user with a blank template of the form.

Appendix   Guideline Template
3-A How Legislation is Prepared and Enacted PDF  
3-B Communications Plan   WORD
3-C Report and Recommendation to Executive Council PDF WORD
3-D Memorandum to Executive Council PDF WORD
3-F Sample Order in Council PDF  
3-G Intergovernmental Agreements Assessment Checklist   WORD
3-H How Regulations are Prepared PDF  
3-I Regulations Analysis Form PDF WORD
3-J Regulations (Red Tape Reduction) Criteria Checklist   WORD
3-K R&R - Section 6 (Public Service Act), Sections 77 and 78 (Finance Act) PDF WORD
3-M Ministerial Appointment Form PDF WORD
3-N Form "A"
(This form belongs to the Standing Committee on Human Resources)
3-O Standing Committee on Human Resources Guidelines
(This form belongs to the Standing Committee on Human Resources)
3-P Transaction Guide PDF  
3-Q Executive Council Staff Assessment PDF  
3-R Template for Corporate Administrative Policy Submissions PDF WORD
3-S Memorandum to Executive Council - Requests for Legislation PDF WORD
3-T R&R - Appointments to Agencies, Boards and Commissions PDF WORD
3-U R&R - Revocation of OIC Appointments PDF WORD