Enforcement Division

Mission Statement

badgeIn cooperation with the community, improve the quality of life in Nova Scotia by protecting, conserving and enhancing our natural resources.

The Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of acts and regulations administered by the Department of Natural Resources.

  • Developing and coordinating a departmental, environmental, and resource law enforcement and compliance program.
  • Developing, implementing, evaluating and maintaining records of the law enforcement and compliance training program.
  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive manual on the administration and operational procedures, and requirements for the enforcement program.
  • Administering and maintaining current statistical and management records associated with the enforcement program.
  • Establishing, promoting and maintaining liaison with other provincial, federal, national and international law enforcement agencies.
  • Providing expert advice on enforcement issues and recommending changes in legislation.


Prior to the 1991 amalgamation of the Department of Mines and Energy and the Department of Lands and Forests, the Enforcement Division was a part of Lands and Forests.

The Enforcement Division is now a part of the Regional Services Branch of the Department of Natural Resources.

Organizational Chart

Enforcement Org Chart

Within the Regional Services Branch, the province is divided into three administrative regions, each managed by a Regional Director. Each Regional Director is responsible for the operational side of the enforcement program, including the management of physical, human and fiscal resources within their respective region.

The Director of Enforcement is responsible for the administration of the program across the province.

The Regional Enforcement Managers manage the program through Regional Enforcement Coordinators, two in each region. The Managers receive their operational direction from the Regional Director and program direction from the Director of Enforcement.

The Regional Enforcement Coordinators provide direction to the conservation officers at each district office within their region. The Coordinators receive their operational direction from a Regional Enforcement Manager.

There are 67 Conservation Officers comprised of both full-time officers and seasonal officers assigned to enforcement duties throughout the province.

The training standard (see Requirements ) for these Officers is similar to that required for Municipal Police forces in areas such as self-defense, officer safety, sidearms and pepper spray.

The officers conduct investigations as well as respond to a wide variety of calls from the public. The majority of their enforcement work during the fall and winter is centered around the Wildlife Act and Migratory Bird Convention Act, while during the spring and summer it is the Parks Act, Crown Lands Act, Forest Act and Fishing Regulations. Enforcement of the Off-highway Vehicle Act carries a high priority throughout the year.