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The Sexual Violence Strategy will be built upon a foundation of research, practical knowledge, and promising practices. We recognize the work that has been accomplished by front line service organizations, academics, and advocates across sectors.

Previous and ongoing work will inform the development of the strategy. We will continue to add this list.

Atlantic Institute of Criminology
The 2014 HRM Roundtable Review (2014)
This report is an update and review on the Mayors Roundtable on Violence that was commissioned by the municipality in 2006. The 2014 review contains a report on sexual violence and recommendations for action. (Please scroll down on this attachment for the main report)

Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention (ACIP)
The Role of Alcohol Policy in Sexual Violence Prevention (2014)
This report examines the evidence regarding the impact of alcohol policies on sexual violence and explores how an alcohol policy at an institutional level can assist sexual violence prevention.

Government of Nova Scotia
Acting Together: Responding to Sexual Violence
A workshop gathering more than 60 participants from a wide range of community groups took place on June 21, 2013. Participants were asked to consider what services are needed to respond to sexual violence, where and how they might be delivered, and what challenges are faced by those trying to access services today.

Saint Mary’s University
Promoting a Culture of Safety, Respect and Consent at Saint Mary’s University and Beyond – Report from the Presidents Council (2013)
The Report from Presidents Council was prepared and released in response to events that occurred during Orientation Week 2013 at the university. The report contains recommendations to foster cultural change that prevents sexualized violence at the university, while inspiring respectful behavior and a safe learning environment with the Saint Mary’s Community.

Government of Nova Scotia
Action Team on Sexual Violence and Bullying – Progress Report and Transition Plan (2013)
The Action Team on Sexual Violence and Bullying was formed in April 2013 following the death of Rehtaeh Parsons. The team was asked to lead an immediate response to the events that led to Ms. Parsons’s death, and to recommend longer term actions to deal with the broader issues underlying the case: sexual violence, youth mental health, bullying and cyberbullying, substance abuse, and changing societal norms and relationships.

World Health Organization
Preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women (2010)
This document provides information for policy-makers and planners to develop data-driven and evidence-based programs for preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women.

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre
Suffering in Silence: An Assessment of the Need for a Comprehensive Response to Sexual Assault in Nova Scotia (2008)
Suffering in Silence is the first province-wide assessment of the need for sexual assault services in Nova Scotia. The report, funded by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, explores the prevalence and impact of sexual violence in Nova Scotia and includes recommendations for a comprehensive response to sexual violence and the need to eliminate barriers to access.

This page is not intended as support for victims and survivors. If you are a victim of sexual violence please contact a service provider located here. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.