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Sexual Violence in Nova Scotia: Prevalence

Available data indicates sexual assault is significantly under reported, with approximately 9 in 10 incidents (88%) going unreported to the police. In 2011 in Nova Scotia, 708 sexual assaults were reported to the police. Of these:

  • 98% were level one assaults: sexual in nature, integrity of the survivor is violated with minor/no physical injuries;
  • 82% of victims were female, 97% of suspects were male;
  • There were 105 violations against children.

Available statistics are limited and do not adequately represent the incidence of sexual violence in diverse populations. Existing data from Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey indicates that some populations are at an increased risk for sexual violence victimization. For instance, in 2009, the rate of self-reported violent victimization among Aboriginal women was almost three times higher than the rate reported by non-aboriginal women.

Given this context, it is critical to consider the need of individuals in all their diversity in the aftermath of an incident of sexual violence.

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This page is not intended as support for victims and survivors. If you are a victim of sexual violence please contact a service provider located here. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.