Community Services Transformation

Community Services helps thousands of Nova Scotians in vulnerable situations every day. Our programs are essential to the people who use them.

Every day our staff work to provide excellent service in a system that has evolved over decades.  The time has come to transform and redesign our programs to ensure that they are as effective and efficient as they can be.  To do this, we need to look at them from the perspective of the people who use them.

We want to be sure that the investment of their time and our resources are getting the best possible results for the people we serve:  children and families, youth, people receiving employment support and income assistance, and people with disabilities.

The Department of Community Services is committed to a social service system that helps people become as independent as possible and reach their full potential. We want a system that makes it easy for Nova Scotians to find the services they need. And we want those services to be there for years to come. Simply put, we want better results for Nova Scotians.

Our transformation is about doing what’s right for the people who use our programs by creating a system that better supports them in achieving their goals.


What do we mean by “DCS transformation”?


The Transformation will focus on the following: 1 - What we do: Program and policy transformation will focus on what services and interventions we provide.  2 - How we do it: Initiatives to renew our structure and operations will focus on how we deliver services and interventions.  3 - Why we do it: An Outcomes Framework will focus and priortize efforts on work that will achieve better outcomes for clients.