Paying Your Ticket

You have a number of options if you wish to simply pay your fine. Paying your fine is the equivalent of pleading guilty, and once your payment is received, no further action will be taken on your ticket. Note that your payment must be received by the date indicated on the ticket (see a sample ticket here). When you pay your ticket, you are waiving your right to a hearing.

Your automatic conviction may result in points being assigned under the Motor Vehicle Act, or where applicable, changes to your status as a licensed driver. For more information see the Registry of Motor Vehicles web site.

Note specifically that if you have been charged with speeding and are using the voluntary payment option, your license will be suspended for seven (7) days (except under section 106A(a) of the MVA where there is no license suspension) commencing at 12:00 NOON 90 Days after the date this ticket was issued.

How to Pay Your Ticket


You can pay your online ticket here -

By Mail

You can submit your payment (the amount of which is located on the front of your ticket, see sample ticket ) by cheque made out to the "The Provincial Court". Mail payment options are currently by personal cheque or money order only, and you should never send cash by mail. To submit payment by mail just sign the back of your ticket and send it along with your cheque or money order.

In Person

Payment is accepted at any courthouse and payment can be made by cash, cheque, money order, debit, MasterCard or Visa. Please bring your ticket with you so we can best apply your payment to the right account.