Labour Board - Members

The Chair, Vice-Chairs, and members of the Labour Board are appointed by the Governor in Council. The Chair is a full time position and the Vice-Chairs and members serve on a part-time basis. While members have generally gained their knowledge and experience from backgrounds in either labour or management, they swear to deal with the matters before them with utmost impartiality as part of their oath of office.


Karen Hollett – Chair

Susan Ashley - Vice-Chair

E.A. Nelson Blackburn, Q.C. - Vice-Chair

Frank E. DeMont, Q.C. - Vice-Chair

Lorraine P. Lafferty, Q.C. - Vice-Chair

Kathryn A. Raymond - Vice-Chair

Augustus Richardson, Q.C. - Vice-Chair

Lynne J. Poirier - Vice-Chair


Robin Clark - Employee Member

Cordell Cole - Employee Member

Kenneth Estabrooks - Employee Member

Gloria Ley-Spencer - Employee Member

Dannie MacDonald - Employee Member

Edward MacNeil - Employee Member

A. Ross Mitchell – Employee Member

Thomas Patterson - Employee Member

Linda Power - Employee Member

Deborah Ryan - Employee Member

Betty Jean Sutherland - Employee Member

Wayne Thomas - Employee Member

Larry Wark - Employee Member

Rick Anderson - Employer Member

Sylvester Atkinson – Employer Member

Marie Brunelle - Employer Member

Gary Dean - Employer Member

George Fox – Employer Member

George Hall – Employer Member

Demetri Kachafanas – Employer Member

Gordon MacLean - Employer Member

Allan Stapleton – Employer Member

Donna VanBuskirk - Employer Member

Robert McArel - Employer Member