Chaswood Educational Woodlot

The Chaswood Educational Woodlot is generally available for activities and groups looking for a rustic backwoods experience on a first come, first served basis. Here is what is available on the woodlot:

An isolated wilderness area with:

  • A 12m X 18m (40' x 60') lodge
  • Two (2) outdoor toilets
  • Eight picnic tables
  • Four tent pads
  • Outdoor fire pit (for campfires and/or cooking)
  • Wood stove for heating and cooking (there is a supply of split hardwood on site. You will need to bring paper and matches)
  • Wired for hook-up to a generator (you must bring your own)

There is no drinking water on site, so water must be brought with you. Toilet paper, garbage cans (associated garbage bags), first aid kit, fire extinguisher and brooms are located inside the lodge.

General information:

There is no onsite telephone or electricity. However, cellular phones do work at this site near the lodge. Here are a few important telephone numbers:

Natural Resources and Renewables (902) 384-2290
Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital (902) 384-2220
Musquodoboit Volunteer Fire Department (902) 384-2072
Non-emergency 1-866-443-6344
Emergency 911

  • Please use the designated fire place for outside fires. Fires are not permitted if there is a fire ban in effect
  • Any injury to persons and/or damage to the facility/property is the responsibility of the User. We ask that you contact Department of Natural Resources and Renewables Library Staff at the NRR if any such circumstance should occur.
  • If you need to mark trees, please use ribbon or flagging tape, and ensure it is removed before you leave. No tree or branch cutting is permitted.
  • This facility is not intended for use for minors without adult supervision. Preference will be given to groups with the intention of offering environmental education.
  • During the winter, NRR staff will have the road plowed prior to your arrival. However, if there is a storm on Friday night or anytime during your stay, we will not be able to have it plowed. Therefore, plan accordingly and leave cars down at the parking area near the gate if necessary. It is also a good idea to have a shovel(s) with you.
  • Visitors are responsible for closing and locking the gate on their departure.

Cost: There is a fee of $32.70 (+HST = $37.60) per night. Must pickup gate key and pay before your stay.