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Module 11: Roads and Trails: Planning it Right from the Start

This Home Study Module is for small woodlot owners who want to build roads and/or trails on their land. You may want a road for transporting wood, recreation or access. The six lessons in this module will guide you through the basics of planning and building a road suitable for small woodlots.

After completing the exercises in this module, you will have a good start on a road plan based on your woodlot needs. The actual construction will likely be done by someone else. For this reason, this module focuses more on planning and less on building. The lesson on building will help you when discussing on-going work with the road builder.

The information in this book may also be a useful starting point for large woodlot owners. However, if you have a large volume of wood to be transported over long distances, you will need a better quality road network. The services of a forester, technician, a surveyor and/or a contractor may be needed.

Building Woodlot Roads and Trails is part of the Woodlot Management Home Study series produced by the Department of Natural Resources. This series is meant to help woodlot owners make informed decisions about the various uses of their land.


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