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Natural Resources and Renewables


Module 11: Roads and Trails: Planning it Right from the Start


Lesson 1 - Introduction

  • Why have roads and trails
Lesson 2 - Planning Ahead
  • A Time Line, Cost, Getting Help 
Lesson 3 - Choosing a General Location
  • Extension or upgrade of existing roads, Using nearby roads, Security, Long Term Objectives, Terrain
Lesson 4 - Planning Your Layout
  • Environmental Concerns, Necessary Approvals and Notifications, Terrain-Features to avoid-Features to include

Lesson 5 - Building your Road

  • Steps in Road Building, Stream Crossings, Maintaining your Road

Lesson 6 - Locating and Building Trails

  • Harvesting Trails, Recreational Trails, Access Trails, Trail Maintenance

A - References
B - For More Information
C - Glossary