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Module 6: Chain Saw Use and Safety


Welcome to the Home Study Module on Chainsaw Use and Safety.

This module is designed to provide technical information and skills training for woodlot owners. If you study the lessons carefully and attend the workshop you can expect to:

1) greatly reduce accidents. Should an accident occur, you will be better prepared to handle it.

2) Be more efficient in your chainsaw technique.

3) Be able to do a better maintenance job on your saw.

This course can be of great value to you, but only if you take the time to study it. There is no magical way of becoming safety conscious. It takes effort to gain the technical knowledge to become a safe chainsaw operator.

Set aside a definite time for study. Read through the lessons carefully at your own speed. Don't do too much at one sitting. When you get tired, take a break.

In addition to the home study lessons, there will be a workshop for you to attend. This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to practice your skills and ask questions.

"The Professional at Work in Nova Scotia Forests" - a manual of the Code of Practices for the forest industry is also available. It has been published by the Department of Labour under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Copies are available from the Nova Scotia Government Bookstore.

The original text for this course was made possible by the teamwork of a large number of people from the following organizations: LaHave Forestry Consultants, St. John Ambulance, Scott Worldwide Inc., N. S. Worker's Compensation Board, Nova Scotia Community College Lunenburg Campus, N. S. Department of Natural Resources, N. S. Department of Agriculture and Marketing, and N. S. Department of Labour.

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