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Natural Resources and Renewables


Module 6: Chainsaw Use and Safety


Lesson 1 - Safety Equipment and Clothing

  • Safety equipped saw, Personal protective equipment
Lesson 2 - Safety Practices and Hazards
  • Transporting the saw, Fueling, Check the saw, Starting procedures, Handling the saw
Lesson 3 - Sharpening
  • Selecting the chain, Chain tension, Lubrication, Sharpening the cutting teeth, Filing the depth gauges

Lesson 4 - Maintenance

  • Daily maintenance, Weekly maintenance, Guide bar, Chain, Carburetor
Lesson 5 - Felling
  • Assessing the situation, Escape route, Pre-limbing, Notching, The back cut, Techniques for larger trees, Forest worker tools

Lesson 6 - Limbing

  • Basic guidelines, Techniques
Lesson 7 - Bucking
  • Basic guidelines, Cutting technique, Spring pole, Windfalls, Measuring forest products

Lesson 8 - First Aid

  • Definitions, Responsibilities of the first aider, Breathing, Bleeding, Dressings, First aid kits