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Module 9: Woodlot Recreation


Many woodlot owners enjoy outdoor recreation activities like hiking or snowmobiling on their property but are not purposefully managing for those activities. Others may tend to separate recreation and timber management even though they do recreational activities in areas managed for their timber values. Outdoor recreation can be improved by planning for it and can also be managed for along with the other uses of your land.

This module will help you develop an outdoor recreation plan in keeping with your interests and woodlot potential. It contains basic, practical information if you use your woodlot for family recreation or if you allow occasional public use.

If you expect a lot of use by groups or plan on starting an outdoor recreation business on your woodlot, you should refer to a companion study called the Woodlot Recreation Manual (1995). This manual by Glyn Bissex, a professor at Acadia University in the School of Recreation and Physical Education, provides more in-depth information on planning and marketing.

As with the other courses in this series, the Department of Natural Resources may hold a field day to present examples of the info on the course.

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