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Natural Resources and Renewables


Module 9: Woodlot Recreation


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Outdoor Recreation

  • What is it?; Benefits?; Integration with Other Values

Lesson 2 - Getting Started

  • Woodlot inventory; sample woodlot map; drawing woodlot map;assessing community recreation opportunities and goals; public or private use; assessing recreational goals and objectives

Lesson 3 - Outdoor Recreation Potential

  • Woodlot features; recreation in wood production areas; assessing recreational potential on your woodlot; zoning your woodlot

Lesson 4 - Developing Recreation Opportunities

  • Using silviculture to enhance recreation; trails; bridges; pond and fishing; wildlife viewing and hunting; camping and picnic sites; cabins; gates, signs and access; scenic routes and sites

Lesson 5 - Legal Issues

  • Access; Liability

Lesson 6- Realising Your Goals

  • Your Recreational Plan; Brief review ; putting your plan into action; updating your woodlot map; conclusions

Appendix A - List of references

Appendix B - List of outdoor organizations

Appendix C - Glossary (A definition of terms)