Construction Standards for Trail Bridges on Crown Land


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a newly constructed trail bridgeThe Department of Natural Resources with the sponsorship of the Department of Health and Wellness provide these documents in the interest of information exchange. The drawings, tables and construction standards are to be used to aid in the construction of the superstructure of trail bridges on Nova Scotia Crown lands. They are to be used by persons with practical experience and technical training in trail and trail bridge construction.

You must also download the accompanying Construction Standards

The designs are not to be applied to projects outside the scope of this document.

Users of this document are solely responsible for the appropriate interpretation of the content provided and shall seek specific legal, engineering, and design expertise to suit individual conditions and projects. Any use of trade names is for the information and convenience of the reader and does not constitute endorsement by the Province of Nova Scotia.

The standards, drawings and tables are subject to review and may change without notice. Ensure the most current documents are being used before seeking approval to begin construction.

Copyright 2012, Province of Nova Scotia, Department of Natural Resources & Buchanan Design Group Reuse or reproduction of any portion of this document sale or distribution is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Buchanan Design Group (BDG).

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