OHV Infrastructure Fund - Trails

Increased access to safe, managed OHV trails and riding areas is a key component in the government’s OHV Action Plan. 

Deadline for Expression of Interest Submission: You need to apply by 1 December 2023 at 4:30 pm.

Applications for Emergency Funding will be considered as required.

Goals of the OHV Infrastructure Fund (Trails) are:

  • to provide funding for OHV trail and riding area development
  • to support the planning and design associated with these facilities
  • to provide funding to help maintain OHV accessible infrastructure


Principles that guide the OHV Infrastructure Fund (Trails):

  • Safe, quality and environmentally responsible infrastructure that meet the provincial guidelines as outlined in Developing Recreational Trails in Nova Scotia - available from www.novascotiatrails.com
  • optimizing the use of existing trail infrastructure, to reduce the need for new trail development
  • shared use and management
  • avoidance of vulnerable and high conservation value areas and contribution to environmental protection
  • encouraging community participation
  • value landowner concerns
  • partnerships between not- for- profits, governments, landowners, private sector
  • sustainability (ie. maintenance plan, etc.)
  • reasonable public access
  • to reduce land use conflicts and inappropriate OHV use by establishing approved OHV trails


The following are eligible for OHV Infrastructure Fund (Trails) assistance:

  • Not-for-profit groups registered under the Societies Act (or equivalent) and in good standing. Not-for-profit groups must be members of either SANS (Snowmobiler's Association of NS, ATVANS (All-Terrain Vehicle Association of NS), NSORRA (NS Off-Road Riders Association or NSTF (NS Trails Federation and operating under the policies and principles of that organization
  • Landowners through a not-for-profit organization
  • Municipalities


Applicants may be eligible for funding over more than one year if a multi-year development plan is submitted.

  • projects approved for funding are eligible to receive up to 50% of the total project cost, usually not to exceed $50,000 in one fiscal year.
  • funding to support design, planning and engineering may be available through the Program
  • projects involving fittings, buildings and equipment essential to making the trail and riding area operational are eligible
  • Maintenance work is eligible

Based upon the availability of funds there may be more than one allocation date each year. Subsequent deadlines for fund allocations will be announced.  

How to Apply