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Natural Resources Strategy 2010 - Panels of Expertise

Four Panels of Expertise are being recruited to tap into the province's diverse technical expertise in forests, minerals, parks and biodiversity. These four panels will report to the Phase 2 Steering Panel.

Membership on each Panel of Expertise will be comprised of individuals with technical expertise on the topic and the ability to throughly explore the issues surrounding it, as well as conduct stakeholder consultation. The Panels of Expertise will forward their findings to the Steering Panel, who in turn, will ensure information from the Phase 1 public consultations will be incorporated into the final Phase 2 before submitting to the Minister of Natural Resources.

During Phase 1, Nova Scotia's citizen values were documented. Now, in Phase 2, the four Panels of Expertise will seek technical expertise, conducting stakeholder consultations, within the parameters of the citizen values. The panels will then prepare and submit draft reports and recommendations to the Steering Panel. These reports and recommendations will inform Phase 3, when the Department of Natural Resources Strategy 2010 will be written.

Nova Scotia residents with demonstrated expertise in any of the four topics - biodiversity, forests, minerals or parks - are encouraged to apply for a volunteer position on one of the four Panels of Expertise. As with the Steering Panel, the members of the Panels of Expertise will abide by the Guiding Principles.

The role of the Panels of Expertise includes:

  • Engage technical stakeholder expertise
  • Ensure alignment with Guiding Principles and Government-approved strategy process guidelines
  • Ensure Phase 2 direction remains faithful to Phase I citizen values as articulated in Voluntary Planning's Phase 1 report and
  • Ensure alignment with the Nova Scotia Corporate Plan

Membership criteria for Panel of Expertise can be found on page 4 of the Panel of Expertise Terms of Reference.

Panel of Expertise volunteer application details

Applications for membership on the Panels of Expertise will be accepted until Friday January 23, 2009.