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Environmental Awareness Courses for Ozone-Depleting Substances

Section 5 (1) of Nova Scotia's Ozone Layer Protection Regulations requires that all persons who work with ozone-depleting substances, or who service, install or dismantle equipment that contains ozone-depleting substances, must successfully complete an approved environmental awareness course.

Courses Offered

Environmental awareness courses, recognized by Nova Scotia Environment, are offered through the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). The courses may be offered under titles such as Refrigerant Control or CFC Handling.

The recognized courses follow nationally-standardized course content established by the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) and Environment Canada. The instructors are certified by HRAI. Courses are typically one day in length. To receive an Environmental Awareness Card, an exam must be taken and a pass mark of 75% achieved.

Contact the NSCC to determine when courses leading to the certification exam may be offered in your area. HRAI-certified refrigerant handling courses may also be available through some HVAC or mechanical trade training organizations and through trades training programs at community colleges in neighbouring provinces.

Proof of Environmental Awareness Training

Nova Scotia Environment maintains a list of people who have taken a recognized environmental awareness course. The list is based on current information forwarded by HRAI, listing who has completed the nationally-recognized HRAI course. NS also keeps track of those persons who have taken a "Nova-Scotia only" environmental awareness course, offered through the NS community college system prior to the establishment of HRAI courses.

Persons who have recently taken training through HRAI are added to Nova Scotia's list when HRAI advises NSE that they have completed the training and passed the exam. HRAI also issues wallet cards on behalf of the Province as additional proof that a person has taking the required training.

For more information, contact HRAI at 1-800-267-2231 or contact Nova Scotia Environment at 424-3600. To confirm that a name is on the Nova Scotia list, contact Nova Scotia Environment's Bedford office at 424-7773.

Transfers from and to Other Provinces

HRAI certifies individuals by the province in which they work. Persons who work in Nova Scotia who have taken HRAI training in another province, can arrange to have their HRAI certification transferred to the list for Nova Scotia. Contact HRAI for more details.

Persons who are certified in Nova Scotia as having HRAI training may be able to transfer their certification to some other provinces. Some provinces may also have additional requirements, such as trade licensing or refresher training. Contact the Environment Department of the other province in which you wish to work with ODS.

Domestic Appliance Sticker Program

Appliance technicians who have taken the required environmental awareness training can obtain stickers to prove that the refrigerant charge has been removed from a domestic appliance. Serially numbered stickers for use in Nova Scotia are issued to certified persons at no cost by the Nova Scotia Environment office located in Bedford. Technicians are responsible for the use of stickers issued to them. For more information call 424-7773.