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Donkin Underground Exploration Project


This is to advise that on October 29th 2008, Xstrata Coal registered the Donkin Underground Exploration Project for environmental assessment, in accordance with Part IV of the Environment Act.

The objective of the proposed undertaking is to provide the Proponent with sufficient information and confidence in data with respect to the subsea geology, coal quality, hydrology and methane gas regime to determine the commercial viability of developing a longwall mine at Donkin.

The works associate with this registration will be executed in two distinct phases: the first, which will be executed in Year 1, i.e., 2009, will involve preparatory works both on the surface and subsea; the second phase will involve the use of a continuous minor system for a period of up to two years to remove an average of 2,000 tonnes of coal per day (approximately 0.5 million tonnes per annum).

The work will take place from the existing mine yard and two subsea tunnels. Improvements to the existing surface infrastructure are planned and include: the provision of power, the management of water and improvements to road access to accommodate the trucking of coal from the project site to various destinations via public highways.

Minister's Decision

On December 18, 2008 the Minister of Environment released a decisionPDF Download Link (PDF:85k) concerning this review. The Minister has decided to approve the undertaking in accordance with Section 13(1)b of the Environmental Assessment Regulations, pursuant to Part IV of the Environment Act. The undertaking has been approved subject to a number of conditionsPDF Download Link (PDF:36k).

Opportunities for Public Input

Public comments on the Registration Document were accepted from October 29 to November 28, 2008. All comments received will be available to the public at the Department of Environment and Climate Change Library, 5th floor, Halifax Office, 5151 Terminal Road.

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