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Surface Water


Nova Scotia Lake Survey Program

The Nova Scotia Lake Survey program is a partnership initiative between Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) and Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture (NSDFA) to inventory lakes throughout the province determining baseline water quality, in support of both sport fisheries and water resource management areas.

NSDFA staff collect water samples along with fisheries related information from lakes, generally during the summer months. Water quality samples are taken according to standard protocols (developed by NSE staff ) at varying lake depths, depending upon thermal stratification, and submitted to a laboratory for analyses. NSE funds the analytical costs, and data is shared and used by both departments.

Period of record for the data extends from about 1940 to present. Water quality parameters include nutrients, chlorophyll a, dissolved oxygen, temperature, transparency, pH, conductivity, alkalinity, colour, major ions, selected metals, plus various fish habitat parameters. Temperature and dissolved oxygen profiles are recorded in the field and bathymetric or bottom contour maps are subsequently produced. For more information see NSDFA website and our Lake Chemistry Data (xls: 1.2mb).