Government of Nova Scotia Government of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, Canada


Recycling and Waste

Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal Sites (C&D)

Cape Breton
Facility Name Address Phone (902)
Baddeck Waste Management Facility Baddeck, Victoria County 902-295-2026
CBRM C&D Landfill Grand Lake Road Sydney, CBRM 902-563-5593
Inverness C&D Landfill Kenloch, Inverness County 902-258-3646
Paul MacDonald Trucking Birch Cove Rd. CBRM 902-737-1360
Richmond Waste Management Facility West Arichat, Richmond County 902-226-2396
Antigonish / Guysborough / Pictou
Facility Name Address Phone (902)
Atlantic Supermarket Contractors Broadway, Pictou County 902-755-3213
Beech Hill Landfill Beech Hill Road, Antigonish County 902-863-4744
Marinus Verhagen C&D Disposal Site Off TCH at Exit 25, Pictou County 902-752-6411
Pictou County Solid Waste Management Facility Mount William, Pictou County 902-396-1495
Cumberland / Colchester / East Hants
Facility Name Address Phone (902)
Colchester Containers Middle StewiakeRoute 289, Colchester County 902-673-2808
Cumberland Central Landfill CD Site 2052 Little Forks Rd, Cumberland County 902-667-5141
East Hants Waste Management Centre Georgefield, East Hants 902-758-1800
Mount Pleasant C&D 350 Dixon Rd., Cumberland County 902-447-3381
Halifax Regional Municipality
Facility Name Address Phone (902)
Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd. 16 Mills Drive, Goodwood 902-876-8644
Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd. 188 Ross Rd., Westphal 902-876-8644
Facility Name Address Phone (902)
Arlington Heights C&D Landfill 1481 Arlington Road West, Hampton, Annapolis County 902-665-4650
Rice`s 201 C&D Disposal 4736 Highway 201, Annapolis County 902-665-2375
South Mountain C&D Landfill 2181 North River Rd., Kings County 902-678-3657
Torbrook C&D Disposal and Recovery Torbrook, Annapolis County 902-765-9199
South Shore
Facility Name Address Phone (902)
Lunenburg Regional Community Recycling Centre 908 Mullock Road, Whynott 902-543-1992
Yarmouth / Digby
Facility Name Address Phone (902)
Barrington C&D Disposal Site Goose Lake Rd., Shelburne County 902-637-2322
Clare C&D Facility 919 Bonnie Road, Meteghan, Digby County 902-645-2993
Digby Salvage & Disposal Digby County 902-245-2657
Town of Yarmouth C&D Landfill South Ohio, Yarmouth County 902-742-5852