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Asbestos Waste Disposal Facilities

Asbestos Waste Disposal Facilities

Permission must be received from the Disposal Facility prior to shipping asbestos waste.

Facility Name Address - Contact
Groundfix Remediation Services (Colchester Balefill) 144 Mingo Road
Kemptown, NS
County: Colchester County
Ph: (902) 293-8080
Torbrook C & D Disposal and Recovery Address: 1031 Uhlman Branch Rd., Torbrook
County: Annapolis County
Ph: (902) 765-9199
Fax:(902) 765-3125
Arlington Heights C&D Landfill Address: 1481 Arlington Road West, Hampton
County: Annapolis
Ph: (902) 665-2291
Yarmouth County Solid Waste Address: 932 Hardscratch Rd, South Ohio
County: Yarmouth
Ph: (902) 742-5852
Fax: (902) 742-5852
Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority Address: 2052 Little Forks Rd., Little Forks
County: Cumberland
Ph: (902) 667-5141
Fax: (902) 667-5873
Toll Free (in Nova Scotia): 1-888-711-5925
CBRM C&D Landfill Address: Grand Lake Road, Sydney
County: Cape Breton
Ph: (902) 567-1337
Marinus Verhagen Enterprises Limited Address: McLellans Brook
County: Pictou
Ph: (902) 752-6411
Fax: (902) 928-0990
Beech Hill Waste Management Facility Address: 1356 Beech Hill, Beech Hill
County: Antigonish
Ph: (902) 863-4744
Fax: (902) 863-5751

This information was last updated on April 29, 2015