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Recycling and Waste

Business and Institutional Recycling

Less Waste Means Better Business: The Solid Waste-Resource Management Strategy

Recycling is working in Nova Scotia! Nova Scotian businesses and institutions are rising to the challenge. They are diverting significant quantities of waste from disposal and, at the same time, creating jobs and valuable products right here in Nova Scotia.

Less waste delivered to municipal disposal sites means more prosperous communities and new business opportunities. The Province of Nova Scotia has recognized the clear environmental and economic benefits of waste diversion and is maximizing the return of recyclable materials through disposal bans on the following items:

  • Redeemed beverage containers;
  • Corrugated cardboard;
  • Newsprint;
  • Steel/tin food cans;
  • Glass food jars;
  • Waste paint;
  • Used tires;
  • Car batteries;
  • Antifreeze;
  • #2 HDPE non-hazardous plastic containers (e.g. ice cream containers, shampoo bottles, plastic jugs, etc.);
  • Stretch (pallet) wrap for businesses

These materials are not wastes. They are valuable resources. By diverting them from disposal we are turning a problem into an opportunity.

How to recycle the banned materials?

The banned materials must be source-separated and then recycled.

Source-separation means collecting the banned materials in containers separate from the waste stream. Organizing collection areas with specially marked containers and educating employees as to "which materials go where" is central to successful source-separation. Once collected the materials must be delivered to private or municipal recycling facilities or Enviro-Depots®.

Where to recycle the banned materials?

Municipal or Private Recycling

Businesses and institutions can deliver the banned recyclable materials to private recycling facilities. Most municipal recycling facilities will also accept banned materials. Source separated materials delivered to these facilities often offer businesses and institutions a cost savings.

Businesses that purchase new tires can have their used tires sent for recycling through the retailer. Contact the Resource Recovery Fund Board Information Line at 1-800-665-LESS (5377) for further information.

Enviro-Depot® Recycling

Businesses and institutions can bring all of their beverage containers for a 5-cent return at over 90 Enviro-Depots® across the province. Many businesses are now donating the proceeds of the returns to local charities.

Contact your hauler, your local municipality or 1-800-665-LESS (5377) to find out how your organization can divert the banned materials cost effectively.

What the Strategy Means to Nova Scotia?

Less waste means fewer and safer disposal sites, a cleaner environment and a stronger economy. Nova Scotia is moving into the next century with a sustainablevision and a will to ensure that our natural resources are protected and job opportunities are maximized for future generations.

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