What Are We Achieving?

Medway Lakes

Our parks and protected areas play an important role in conserving and protecting the diversity and complexity of life (biodiversity) in our part of the world. This includes wildlife, along with natural features and processes. Our protected lands lessen the effects of climate change by capturing and storing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They maintain clean air and water, including drinking-water supply watersheds.

Identifying and protecting the best and most suitable lands now will help ensure that Nova Scotia’s parks and protected areas become even more relevant in coming years.

Updating parks and protected areas is about leaving a legacy.

Caribou Events

Our parks and protected areas help build healthy communities by

  • improving physical health through enjoyment of nature and outdoor recreation
  • protecting drinking-water supply
  • enhancing mental health and well-being
  • supporting science and learning
  • invigorating human spirits
  • bestowing hope for the future
  • providing settings of breathtaking beauty
  • enhancing our quality of life

Our parks and protected areas contribute to our economy by

  • anchoring our nature tourism industry
  • supporting the outdoor recreation industry
  • helping us brand Nova Scotia as a clean, green place in which to live, work, and do business
  • contributing to local and regional economies
  • employing people (directly and indirectly), especially in rural areas

Our parks and protected areas reflect our culture by

  • conserving and presenting our shared heritage
  • encouraging cultural awareness
  • conserving and presenting important Mi’kmaq sites
  • inspiring our hearts and souls