Regional Regulatory Reform

Nova Scotia and the Atlantic provinces need to grow our economies.

While businesses must follow rules and regulations, they’ve told us change is needed - that the regulations throughout the region are costly, complex, duplicative and out-of-sync, creating barriers that are holding them back.

Three key documents – the One Nova Scotia report, Charting a Path for Growth Report, and APEC’s Trade Barriers in Atlantic Canada: Opportunities for Regulatory Reform - called for less - and better - regulation as a way to improve business competitiveness and break down barriers for business between the Atlantic provinces.

In 2015, the Maritime governments have taken some unprecedented steps towards this and have agreed on a shared framework to guide the regulation. This expanded in 2016 with the inclusion of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Premiers’ Charter of Principles makes it clear that regulation should only be adopted when evidence and consultation shows it’s the only effective way to solve a serious problem.  When regulations are required, implementation must be done in the lightest manner possible.

Atlantic Provinces Premiers

All four provincial governments have passed mirroring legislation making them accountable against measureable standards for progress in reducing red tape both within and between the provinces.