Seniors’ Advisory Council of Nova Scotia

The Seniors Advisory Council of Nova Scotia, formerly called the Group of IX, serves as an advisory body to Government through the Department of Seniors to facilitate the development of government age-related policies, programs, and services. The Council is dedicated to improving the inclusion, well-being, and independence of older adults living in Nova Scotia.

The Seniors Advisory Council is an independent body of elected volunteers representing nine seniors organizations. With over 100,000 older adults affiliated with those organizations, this representation strengthens the voice and presence of seniors in influencing government decision making.

Current members:

  • CARP – Nova Scotia Chapter;
  • Community Links;
  • National Association of Federal Retirees;
  • Nova Scotia Federation of Seniors;
  • Nova Scotia Government Retired Employees Association;
  • Regroupement des aînés de la Nouvelle-Écosse;
  • Section of Senior and Retired Doctors NS
  • Retired Teachers Organization of the NSTU;
  • Royal Canadian Legion, Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command

All seniors and seniors’ groups are encouraged to make their views known to us, as our representation and advocacy is not limited to the nine organizations.

For further information please contact the Chair, Ron Swan, at