Bravery Award: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Medal of Bravery?

The Medal of Bravery is a provincial program to recognize persons who have risked their own lives or safety in assisting another person or protecting property; demonstrating acts of bravery, including bravery beyond that expected of them in their course of employment or service to the public.

Who is eligible for the Medal of Bravery?

The nominee must have performed an act of bravery within the meaning of the legislation.

The incident need not have taken place in Nova Scotia. A Nova Scotian who performed an act of bravery outside the province may be recognized.

Should I nominate someone for the Medal of Bravery?

You should nominate anyone risking their own life or safety to assist another person or protect property, beyond what is expected of them in their course of employment or service. It is a deliberate choice to go from a place of safety to danger or remain in a perilous position to provide help. The act of bravery should demonstrate bravery at a level to warrant receiving recognition at the provincial level.

What does the recipient of the Medal of Bravery receive?

At a formal ceremony, the Premier of Nova Scotia presents each recipient with a medal in the form of a medallion, a lapel pin and a citation. The medal bears silver to symbolize peace and sincerity, the lion rampant which symbolizes dauntless courage, the weaving banner symbolizes the sea and celebration, the laurel leaves symbolize peace and triumph and the blue velour of the award presentation case symbolizes truth and loyalty.

Recipients of the medal may wear the lapel pin and utilize the initials M.B.N.S..

How do I nominate someone?

You can nominate someone by completing a nomination form and submitting it to the Provincial Secretary by May 1st of each year. The government is seeking nominations about acts of bravery that occurred within the past three years. The legislation provides that the act of bravery must have occurred after January 1, 2017.

How are recipients chosen?

The Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee meets each year to determine if the nominations meet the definition of an act of bravery in the legislation and submits to the Provincial Secretary a list of nominees who, in the opinion of the Committee, are eligible.

The appropriateness of awarding a Medal of Bravery is dependent upon the circumstances of each act of bravery and whether it constitutes bravery within the meaning of the Act.