Who May Adopt

Adoption applicants must be

  • Over 19 years of age
  • Residents of Nova Scotia
  • Canadian citizens or have Permanent Resident status
  • Singles or couples
  • Common-law and same sex couples

A homestudy must be completed on each family to ensure that the family can meet the needs of an adopted child.

There are fewer infants available for adoption than in the past and there is a lengthy waiting period.

There are children beyond infancy who are waiting for placement. Such children are often described as having "special needs". This usually means that one or more of the following factors apply to their situation:

  • They have suffered physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or neglect.
  • They have a physical or learning disability.
  • They have behavioral, emotional, or medical problems.
  • They must be placed with siblings.
  • They require home of a specific racial, religious, linguistic or cultural background.

Families are needed who are willing to make a permanent commitment and are able to meet the challenges of raising these very special children.

Next steps

Want to learn more about adoption? Call the Nova Scotia Adoption Information Line at 1-866-259-7780.