Diversity, Social Inclusion and Cultural Competence

Diversity, Social Inclusion and Cultural Competence

Third Annual Health Equity Forum - March 2013

Promising practice in diversity, health equity and cultural competence


Opening Video


  • Greetings/Housekeeping- Sandy Goodwin, Senior Policy Analyst, Department of Health and Wellness (DHW), Diversity Committee Co-chair
  • Aboriginal Opening Prayer- Carolyn Lawrence, Insured Services, Department of Health & Wellness
  • Greetings – Government Priority- Laura Lee Langley, Deputy Minister, Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage
  • DHW Departmental Priority - Frances Martin, Associate Deputy Minister, Department of Health & Wellness
  • Overview of Day- Sharon Davis-Murdoch, Special Advisor to the Associate Deputy Minister for Diversity & Social Inclusion, DHW Diversity Committee Co-chair


Short Presentation Video


DHA 2:  Food Security & Health Equity

  • Sheila Bird, Population Health Promoter
  • South West Health Collaborative Skills / Employment Opportunities Project
  • Hubert d’Entremont, District Emergency Response Planning Coordinator

DHA 3:  A Team Approach to Diversity  

  • Deanna Beck, Primary Health Care Facilitator

DHA 5:  Cumberland County Cultural Diversity Showcase  

  • Alexandra Theroux, Human Resources     


Morning Presentations


DHW:    Addressing Gender-Equity and Diversity in Physical Activity, Sport, and Recreation connecting THRIVE  -

  • Caroline Whitby, Thrive! Implementation Coordinator
  • Heather Praught, Coordinator, Special Populations and Disparities, Physical Activity, Sport  and Recreation

DHA 8:    Spiritual Care & Spirituality in Nova Scotia -

  • Rev. Sandra Morrison, Director of Spiritual Care & Volunteer Service
  • Buffy Harper, Professional Practice Coordinator Spiritual Practice     


Spoken Word Video


  •  Des Adams  - Spoken Word Artist
  •  El Jones – Spoken word Artist
  • Rebecca Moore   - Spoken word


Afternoon Presentation Video    



  • Diversity & Inclusion at the IWK Health Centre
  • Jackie Spears, Manager, Primary Care
  • Tyro Setlhong; Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion


  • The Place of Diversity in "Together We Can”
  • Patricia Murray, Special Advisor to the Associate Deputy Minister on Mental Health & Addictions


  • Pride Health: Raising the Flag
  • Anita Keeping, Registered Nurse


  • Employment Equity at Capital Health
  • Bruce English, Director of People Services          


Diversity - Third Annual Health Equity Forum Video   or   Short Presentation   


 DHA 4:  Diversity & Social Inclusion in Colchester East Health Authority

  • Tracy Martin, CEHHA Diversity Initiative and Aboriginal Health
  • Clara Coward, Mental Health Initiative with our African NS Community
  • Dr. Barb O’Neil & Barb Campbell, Primary Care in the Mennonite Community
  • DHA 6:  Promising Practice from a Diversity Lens
  • Charlene Thomas, Director of Mental Health and Primary Health Care

DHA7:   GASHA Health Equity Highlights , Overview from GASHA; Video on Health Equity, MOU with First Nations on providing services 

  • Julianna Julian, Health Director Paqtnkek First Nation
  • Parish Nurse Model
  • Sheila Sears; Director Public Health and Primary Health Care
  • Mary Desmond; Parish Nurse        


Questions and Reflections/Wrap Up   Video  


  • Sandy Goodwin - Senior Policy Analyst, Department of Health and Wellness (DHW), Diversity Committee Co-chair