Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre

This Knowledge Centre contains links to online resources related to health system quality that may be of interest to patients and families, health care providers and academia.


Quality-improvement Information Protection Act
The Quality-improvement Information Protection Act gives existing legal protection for patient safety and quality review information to the NS Department of Health and Wellness. Previously, health facilities maintained their own data and review information without it being accessible to the province. The new legislation ensures that data and information accessed by the province will have the same legal protection it does when stored by health facilities. This will facilitate a strategic approach to system-wide provincial planning and improvements in patient safety.

An Act to Improve Patient Safety and Health Systems Accountability
The Improving Patient Safety and Health System Accountability Act (Patient Safety Act) requires the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the IWK Health Centre to report publicly and to the Department of Health and Wellness on a number of patient safety indicators. Additional indicators will be added in the future.

Health Authorities Act
The Health Authorities Act provides the minister the authority to monitor and evaluate the quality and safety of the health services provided by the NSHA and IWK.

Apology Act
Nova Scotia’s Apology Act states that a health-care worker’s apology to a patient or family member cannot be used as evidence in legal proceedings to establish fault or liability. Instead, an apology is a sign of compassion and empathy.


Serious Reportable Event Reporting Policy
This policy informs the Department of Health and Wellness of current risks to quality and patient safety by requiring the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the IWK Health Centre to report serious reportable events to the department in timely and standardized manner.