Network Information

Trunked Mobile Radio Service

The Trunked Mobile Radio Service is a communications network for public safety and public works services in Nova Scotia. It provides mobile and portable radio communications services to more than 9,000 users through dozens of organizations. The system is owned by Bell Mobility.

First implemented in 2001, the network consists of 69 radio tower sites located mostly within Bell's cellular tower network.

In 2015, the Province and Bell Mobility transitioned users to the new TMR2 network, which offers enhanced reliability, features and coverage across Nova Scotia. The network has expanded to 86 tower sites.

On the TMR2 network, Nova Scotia will continue to be an interoperability leader, having a single, province wide radio system used by all three levels of government plus volunteers. Each and every one of the 12,000 estimated users on the system will able to communicate with every other user, regardless of location, organization or level of government. Any government user requiring voice communications in or around Nova Scotia may contact us for more information on access to the system.

Nova Scotia Integrated Mobile Radio System

The Nova Scotia Integrated Mobile Radio System was the predecessor to the TMRS. It consists of 47 radio tower sites spread around Nova Scotia and continues to host a number of services and meet infrastructure needs separate from the TMRS. These include:

  • Government-owned repeaters supporting localized fire department radio communications
  • Government-owned and volunteer fire department owned paging terminals supporting public safety paging and notification services
  • Internet service provider-owned rural broadband fixed wireless broadcast equipment supporting commercial broadband services in rural Nova Scotia
  • Commercial cellular equipment
  • Private commercial digital microwave equipment
  • Communications for school boards, municipalities and various utilities

This infrastructure is available to host radio and paging equipment for public safety and public works users across government, and to private sector public safety and commercial users. If you require infrastructure for the hosting of radio or equipment, contact Matt Boyle, coordinator of capital assets and field services, at 902-424-3479 to discuss your requirements.