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Coal Age Galapagos

The author, John Calder, a Senior Geologist with Natural Resources and Renewables, grew up not far from the cliffs that would become a big part of his life. Internationally recognized earth scientist, commentator, and visual artist, he now adds "storyteller" to his heartfelt pursuits. He was the scientific authority and senior author of the nomination of Joggins as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This book is now ready for ordering. To get your copy contact the Natural Resources and Renewables library: 424-8633 or e-mail nsNR& The library can accept Visa and Mastercard for payment. The book costs $18.85 ($17.95 plus tax). You can also drop by the library, Monday-Friday, from 8:30 a.m.– 4:00 p.m., 3rd Floor, 1701 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS.

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Joggins CentreThe book is also available for purchase at the Joggins Fossil Centre, 100 Main Street, Joggins, NS. Funds raised by the sale of books at the centre, including books donated to the centre by the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables, will go to support the Joggins Fossil Institute.